Simple, fast and secure factoring process.

We created a factoring software that offers seamless and intuitive operational workflow experience.

Addio dashboard


Addio’s simple workflow and easy on boarding process provides great user experience and only requires a quick training session.

Intuitive user experience

It encourages users to be fully independent, while it saves time with quick error recovery and simple, friendly interface.

and safe

With built-in risk management and fraud prevention tools, Addio is HIPAA compliant software and a safe solution for your work.

to your needs

With customizable invoice packages and customizable outgoing communications, Addio easily meets all of your requirements.


Addio’s entire workflow and reporting can be tailored to fit your operational structure, business rules and preferences.

We were inspired to create software that is an extension to your work - not the other way around.


With so many years of experience in the industry, we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and how to get there. Addio is a result of extensive market research and broad knowledge in the invoicing business. It is an up-to-date factoring software, competent, and intuitive.

We wanted to provide software that will not have any workflow gaps and provide a seamless UX/UI. Therefore, Addio provides a true E2E, single-login portfolio management solution that is user-friendly and well priced.

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Your perfect invoice factoring solution.

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